Coping with Challenging Life Phases | Dr. Joan speaks with Nyasha Katedza Part 2

Frequently, our words express our wishes rather than our convictions. Therefore, it's crucial to attain unwavering faith in the things we aim to bring into reality.


On this episode of Hey, I'm Listening, Nyasha Katedza, a dynamic author and champion of black history, unveils her remarkable journey intertwined with her compelling book, 'The Raging Silence'. She delves into the poignant reflections on the Zimbabwean war's lasting impact on her formative years.

The discussion also highlights the empowering insights into the unshakable strength of women, particularly black women, as they pursue destinies unburdened by societal norms. The episodes explore the riveting narrative of African history's elevation, as well as the invaluable pursuit of self-awareness and purpose in our creative endeavors. The conversation navigates the intricate landscape of tribal dynamics—embracing strategies to mend rifts, alleviate tensions, and bridge divisions. Join in for an enriching dialogue that promises inspiration, empowerment, and a newfound appreciation for the beauty of diverse narratives.

Episode Highlights

  • Coping with Challenging Life Phases

  • Managing Tribal Conflict, Tension, and Disunity

  • Embracing Self and Achieving Identity Wholeness

  • Discovering Meaning and Purpose in Our Life Experiences

  • Understanding the Law of Attraction for Manifestation

  • Encouraging the Documentation of African History and Culture

About Nyasha Katedza

Nyasha Katedza was born in Zimbabwe on December 21, 1966, and she came to British Columbia in 2008. Her collection of fiction is entitled Short Stories, Insignificant Lives. The stories speak to the commonality of our human experience. They range from a deceptive children's tale to a star-crossed love story, from a middle-class suburb to the inner city, to Japan, and mid-western America.

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 The Raging Silence


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About Dr. Joan

Dr. Joan Samuels-Dennis, Ph.D., is an award-winning Canadian speaker and authority on trauma recovery, reconciliation, and forgiveness. Joan has specialized in promoting the mental health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities for over a decade through her groundbreaking trauma recovery strategy, The Forgiveness Method.

Her career as an individual, couples, and family psychotherapist has helped countless people heal from their past, transform their mental health, overcome challenges, and reclaim their lives.

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