Dr. Joan speaks with Amina Warsuma about the history of the Black Nation and seeking the truth

A people’s history and origins are always contentious issues. However, in order to progress in our healing journey, we must constantly seek the truth about our history and ancestors.

In this episode of Hey, I’m listening, Dr. Joan speaks with Amina Warsuma about the history of the Black Nation and seeking the truth

Amina Warsuma is an Author, Filmmaker, and former top international fashion model. She has a degree in Business and Cinema Production. She attended UCLA for Television pilot writing and owns a business Agent Zero Productions, LLC. Amina is the author of the Agent Zero series, she has two books of the series and three other books on the market which are all available on Amazon. Her first book is an illuminating, original, and profoundly inspiring memoir, titled ‘My Stars Are Still Shining’ which is about the beginning of her life and all the famous artistic people she had as friends. 

Connect with Amina Warsuma | asagentzero@cs.co 

What you can expect from this episode 

Part 1

00:00 Welcome & Introduction 

01:19 What is the greatest challenge facing black men and women in Hollywood? 

03:07 What is stopping us from stepping into the journey and being our most productive selves? 

07:03 “I am responsible for the energy I bring into the room… I am the CEO of my energy” 

10:42 What humility means to you 

14:05 The History we know

Part 2

00:07 We asked Amina her “why” 

02:00 Amina talks to us about what led her to the understanding of who she is 

05:55 The major way we’re divided as a Black Nation 

07:00 The hardest book for Amina to write 

09:30 The need to belong – Being true to our story 

11:53 How do we get out of the trap of the enslavement experience? 

15:30 The internal work | Go inside and then come out! 

17:00 What you think is what you become

About Dr. Joan

Dr. Joan Samuels-Dennis, Ph.D., is an award-winning Canadian speaker and authority on trauma recovery, reconciliation, and forgiveness. Joan has specialized in promoting the mental health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities for over a decade through her groundbreaking trauma recovery strategy, The Forgiveness Method.

Her career as an individual, couples, and family psychotherapist has helped countless people heal from their past, transform their mental health, overcome challenges, and reclaim their lives.

In 2016, she founded Becoming Inc., and in 2020 she founded the Village of Peace not-for-profit organization. Dr. Joan is the author of 490: Forgive and Live fearlessly, Forgive: Master The Art of Letting Go, and Becoming the Journey to Love, and the mind behind the revolutionary new therapeutic modality and certification “The Forgiveness Method” launching in 2023.

Dr. Joan is a Jamaican-Canadian Toronto native who lives in the beautiful community of Kamloops, B.C., alongside her loving husband and family.

Connect with Dr. Joan at www.drjoan.ca | forgiveness@drjoan.ca | www.theartoflettinggo.ca | www.thevillageofpeace.com

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