Dr. Joan speaks with Jeffrey Saah about holistic nutrition and cultural values

Our well-being is affected daily by what we consume and how aware we are of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. How can you achieve more profound levels of relaxation & well-being?

In this episode of Hey I’m listening, Dr. Joan speaks with Jeffrey Saah about holistic nutrition in the Black community, and the transference of cultural values as a Dad.

Jeffrey Saah is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a Certified Hypnosis Consultant. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in the field of Psychology & Biology and has dedicated over a decade to the study of coherence and well-being through its different modalities such as the science of sound, nutrition, water, breath, music, meditation, imagination & dreaming, geometry, mathematics and how they all affect the body, mind, emotions & awareness. Jeffrey is the founder of ‘Light Body Wellbeing’ and is passionate about health and teaching its principles. His goal is to use the science of Coherence in the Light Body Wellbeing System framework to help develop mindful awareness and its benefits in individuals and the community at large. According to Jeffrey, “regardless of where you are in your health journey always remember “It’s Reversible”.

Connect with Jeffrey Saah jeffrey.saah9@gmail.com | IG: www.instagram.com/lightbodywellbeing/

What you can expect from this episode

Part 1

00:00 Welcome & Introduction

01:49 What are you most passionate about?

02:25 What motivated you to get into this field?

04:50 Jeffrey discusses why he focused on diabetes and the impact he’s hoping to achieve

Part 2

00:07 Are the African community experiencing health issues more than other communities?

02:30 The co-opting of the Black community

04:05 The western imposition

06:30 Being a Dad

Part 3

00:07 Jeffrey discusses being a Dad and how he gets to navigate the culture of being African and North American

02:15 The place of the Dad in nurturing

04:05 Jeffrey talks about his experience with his Dad and how it impacts him being a parent

05:33 Prayer for Jeffrey

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