Dr Joan speaks with Marsha Miller about love, hope, and transformation

In today’s society, It is difficult for sexual assault survivors to muster the courage to speak out on their own, and this is made worse due to a lot of victim-blaming. 55% of sexual harassment victims face retaliation after speaking up or filing a claim. Many victims are afraid to speak up for fear of feeling responsible for the abuse or causing direct physical harm. This could result in extreme anxiety, depression, fear, insecurities, trauma, and, in some cases, suicide.  

In this episode of Hey, I’m Listening, Dr. Joan speaks with Marsha Miller about presence, love, and acceptance in trauma, and how a friend brought her out of a very dark place and into a journey of transformation.  Marsha Miller is a financial adviser keen on educating and empowering families to become financially independent. She is also a Pastor at Toronto’s Transformation Church and is currently studying to be a Transformational Coach. Marsha is passionate about helping people who are experiencing or have experienced trauma or pain and offering them hope through forgiveness and finding purpose, having gone through various stages of trauma herself.  Connect with Marsha Miller  | IG: instagram.com/iammarshamiller/

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