Dr. Joan speaks with Sylvester Jenkins III about identity, unlocking the greatness and inner warrior in the younger generation

Our lives are continually changing due to the influence and opinions of others, The constant consumption of information, ideologies, and mindset due to various ways of upbringing is shaping our world. Finding your true identity and becoming your authentic self is much more difficult now, and it is critical that we train the next generation to tune into spirit and tap into their inner warrior rather than simply going with the flow.

In this episode of Hey, I’m listening, Dr. Joan speaks with Sylvester Jenkins III about identity, unlocking the greatness and inner warrior in the younger generation.

Sylvester Jenkins is a Transformational Speaker and a man of many appellations, including a Devoted Husband, father of four kids, retired Army First Sergeant, Fitness Enthusiast, Self-Published Author, and Mental Health advocate. He is passionate about changing the narrative of our culture, as he aspires to inspire and empower the next generation to become resilient leaders who triumph and succeed in life.

Connect with Sylvester Jenkins III | IG: @sylvesterjenkinsiii | FB, LinkedIn: Sylvester Jenkins III


What you can expect from this episode

Part 1

00:00 Welcome & Introduction

01:35 What gets you out of bed in the morning?

02:28 How do you inspire others and how have you inspired the inner warrior within yourself

03:50 Sylvester talks about unlocking the inner warrior in you | Recognizing your greatness

07:07 How do you help younger men go on this journey | GPS

08:10 The biggest challenge for the black man | Shifting perspective

09:35 Who is responsible for passing down the knowledge in the Black community?

11:48 The blueprint is The Bible

13:15 What is standing in our way of accessing the Bible? | How can we resolve the Daddy issues?

Part 2

00:07 What were the biggest challenges for you growing up | Sylvester talks about his childhood

04:18 Post-traumatic growth | The exposure therapy

07:21 The recovery journey | building the next generation

09:57 Freeing the younger generation by teaching authenticity

10:40 Passing the knowledge to the younger generation | The challenges and strategies

13:00 Tuning into Spirit

Part 3

00:07 Sylvester discusses how he hones into the spirit and teaches young folks around him

03:35 What are you aiming to build to contribute to the structure?

05:58 How did you get interested in becoming a transformational leader?

10:50 Where does the divine intervention come in?

14:43 What we can do as Christians | The place of enlightenment

16:40 Prayer for Sylvester

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