Dr. Joan Welcomes You to Hey I’m Listening

🌟 Hi, Everyone! Welcome to Hey I’m Listening with Dr. Joan. 

Hey, I’m Listening celebrates all that is unique and paramount about people of African Ancestry. 

We believe that it is from our most challenging experiences that we learn the greatest life lessons. It is during these moments that we devise new ways of coping and innovative processes that shift how we think, live, and do business. We invite community builders, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, therapists, healers, and spiritual teachers to join us for a 30-45 minute chat about various topics that highlight their personal journey, and the wisdom and knowledge they are ready to share. 🌝  

In this introductory episode, Dr. Joan introduces herself and talks about why the show was created. Listen in as you prepare us for what we can expect in future episodes of Hey I’m Listening.

What to expect from this episode:

01:00 Who is Dr. Joan

05:55 The Silent Generation & Their Voices

09:44 Continential Shifts & The False Separation of Humanity

11:44 The Wound of The Enslavement Experiences

13:33 490 Years, 490 Forgiveness

15:55 Recognizing The Divine Power & Authority Given To Us

17:17 Co-creating a Blessing for People of African Ancestry

19:19 Unity and Maturity in the Body of Christ

22:44 Samples From Upcoming Shows

25:22 Becoming A Guest

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