Navigating Work-Life and Fun-Living | Dr. Joan speaks with Sayata Gabriel Part 4

When I think of a great leader, I'm not thinking of the best business or team head but I'm thinking of a mighty tree. A mighty tree has to have strong roots and strong branches. When I think of a leader, I think of a person who can do the internal work as well as the external work, and who can inspire, empower and move to action, the people around them.


Sayata, having personally experienced the impacts of chronic illness and burnout, draws upon her vast reservoir of experiences and anecdotes. Her primary aim is to aid you in overcoming similar challenges and finding a path towards recovery. This episode of Hey, I'm Listening covers various topics, including defining leadership, managing stress and burnout, fostering self-awareness, and striking a balance between work and personal life to maintain a sense of enjoyment and enthusiasm. Throughout the episode, valuable insights are shared on leading a life that is uncomplicated, pragmatic, and adaptable to your individuality.

Episode Highlights

  • Managing Yourself and your Leadership responsibilities

  • Overcoming Stress and Burnout

  • Reclaiming Time, Energy, and Health

  • Building a Strong Healthy Work Community

  • Keeping Work and Life Fun, Exciting & Enjoyable

  • Sensitivity to Self 

  • Stress Management 

About Sayata Gabriel

Say is the founder of Grow Mighty Leaders Inc. She teaches exhausted leaders how to reclaim more time and energy daily. Say is passionate about ecology, building strong healthy communities, and empowering people toward wellness.

As someone who has experienced the effects of chronic illness and burnout firsthand, Sayata is passionate about helping others, from all communities, get unstuck and recover from similar experiences. Whether it's through live training, content creation, or consulting, her proprietary systems can help distill the overwhelming amount of info out there into the clarity needed to take action and move forward.

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About Dr. Joan

Dr. Joan Samuels-Dennis, Ph.D., is an award-winning Canadian speaker and authority on trauma recovery, reconciliation, and forgiveness. Joan has specialized in promoting the mental health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities for over a decade through her groundbreaking trauma recovery strategy, The Forgiveness Method.

Her career as an individual, couples, and family psychotherapist has helped countless people heal from their past, transform their mental health, overcome challenges, and reclaim their lives.

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