Practically Applying God’s Word to Everyday Life | Dr. Joan speaks with Johnathan K Drayton Part 5

In the midst of chaos, it's easy to overlook the valuable resources we possess that God can use to guide us out of difficult situations. Often, we fail to recognize that within us lies an inner strength, resilience, and faith that can be harnessed to overcome the challenges we face. God, in His infinite wisdom, knows exactly what we need and how to reach us, even when we feel lost or overwhelmed. He can use our unique gifts, experiences, and even our struggles as instruments of His grace and deliverance. So, when chaos surrounds us, let us have faith that within the storm, God's hand is at work, ready to utilize what we have to bring us to a place of peace, restoration, and a deeper connection with Him.

In this episode of Hey, I’m Listening, Dr. Joan speaks with Johnathan K Drayton about Practically Applying God’s Word to Everyday Life

Johnathan K. Drayton Triple majored in college: Philosophy, History, and Political Science. He loves Jesus and loves to unpack the word of God through these perspectives and evaluate how we can use the word of God to maneuver through life. Of course, we live our life on levels and arrive in stages and therefore we ought to pursue being like Jesus every day. Johnathan has a willingness to learn from others and hear what they have to say.

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What you can expect from this episode

00:23 Practically applying the word of God 

04:50 The different stages of maturation 

05:24 Johnathan talks about the one thing he needs 

07:33 Prayer for Johnathan

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About Dr. Joan

Dr. Joan Samuels-Dennis, Ph.D., is an award-winning Canadian speaker and authority on trauma recovery, reconciliation, and forgiveness. Joan has specialized in promoting the mental health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities for over a decade through her groundbreaking trauma recovery strategy, The Forgiveness Method.

Her career as an individual, couples, and family psychotherapist has helped countless people heal from their past, transform their mental health, overcome challenges, and reclaim their lives.

In 2016, she founded Becoming Inc.; in 2020, she founded the Village of Peace not-for-profit organization. Dr. Joan is the author of 490: Forgive and Live Fearlessly, Forgive: Master The Art of Letting Go and Becoming the Journey to Love, and the mind behind the revolutionary new therapeutic modality and certification “The Forgiveness Method” launching in 2023.

Dr. Joan is a Jamaican-Canadian Toronto native living in the beautiful Kamloops, B.C. community alongside her loving husband and family.

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