Rapid Fire Questions | Dr. Joan and Euphrasia Nyaki(Efu)

Through the art of reconnecting with our bodies and untangling the roots of family patterns, we find the keys to unlock resilience and transform trauma into strength. Our journey to wholeness begins with acknowledging the wisdom within and embracing the transformative path of somatic healing and family constellations.


In this extraordinary episode of Hey, I'm Listening, Efu joins us for a captivating exploration into the depths of healing trauma and navigating the intricate web of trans-generational trauma. Our journey unveils the interconnected threads weaving our past, present, and future.

Dive into a thought-provoking discussion on the impactful practices of semantics, uncovering its transformative influence on well-being. Discover the profound art of embodying justice and how our physical selves hold the key to intergenerational resilience.

As we wrap up the week, we extend an empowering invitation to embrace the Present – a profound gift to ourselves and all those connected to us. Join us on this enlightening voyage of self-discovery and resilience.

Episode Highlights

  • Explore the intricate realm of healing trauma 

  • The profound practices of somatics experience and its transformative roles in promoting overall wellness.

  • Explore the connection between justice and our physical selves.

  • Discover the layers of interconnected threads that weave the narrative of our lives.

  • Discover the invitation to embrace the Present as the greatest gift.

About Efu

Euphrasia (Éfu) Nyaki was born and raised in Tanzania where I earned a bachelor of science degree, trained as a Science  teacher,  and later on was trained as a healer using holistic methods from my own ancestors. When I was 27 years old I travelled to the USA where I joined a religious order, and four years later I moved to Brazil where I have been living for the past 30 years. In Brazil I have been working with popular movements especially with women groups  facilitating training and therapy for trauma healing using Somatic Experiencing ® ️ trauma resolution and Family Constellation Systems Therapy. I also co- founded an NGO known as AFYA: Holistic Healing Center located in the northeast of Brazil.  I am a  Faculty Member  of Somatic Experiencing®️, and a Professor of Family Constellation System Therapy by Hellinger Institute, and with these tools, I have  been travelling to different countries (India, Egypt, South Korea, China, Bolivia, Peru, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Uruguay, Tanzania, USA ) facilitating trainings and workshops on trauma healing. 

Additional Resources:https://www.amazon.com/Healing-through-Constellations-Somatic-Experiencing/dp/1644118521 

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About Dr. Joan

Dr. Joan Samuels-Dennis, Ph.D., is an award-winning Canadian speaker and authority on trauma recovery, reconciliation, and forgiveness. Joan has specialised in promoting the mental health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities for over a decade through her groundbreaking trauma recovery strategy, The Forgiveness Method.

Her career as an individual, couples, and family psychotherapist has helped countless people heal from their past, transform their mental health, overcome challenges, and reclaim their lives.

Connect with Dr. Joan at www.drjoan.ca | forgiveness@drjoan.ca | www.theartoflettinggo.ca | www.thevillageofpeace.com 

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